New York Coffee Festival

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New York Coffee Festival

While I’m not a coffee connoisseur, it was good sharing the enthusiasm of the other coffee enthusiasts at this festival. Various cafes and businesses had interesting takes on coffee.

Ready to take off on this coffee flight with me?

I tried this one with condensed milk and sweet cream from Sweetleaf

And the summery one with sparkling water and a dash of lime from Counter Culture Coffee

And the classic espresso from Illy

And the marochhino from Zibetto Espresso

And cappuccino from Coffee of Grace

Who also had a pretty card.
And the vegan ones from Milkadamia

And the boozy whiskey and cream, no coffee from Magnum Cream Liqueur

And chai from Dona Chai

With such pretty cups

And matcha shot from CHALAIT

And some cold brew from Devoción

And some more cold brew from Toby’s Estate

And some herbal tea from Lov Organic

And the draft latte from La Colombe

And the place and art and coffee masters


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