New Punjab Club

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New Punjab Club

New Punjab Club sure has all the swagger to offer with Punjabi food! I haven’t enjoyed an Indian restaurant outside India so much, in a while. Food included! New York City included!

I also didn’t know it was recently awarded a Michelin star until after dining here. From the service to the food to the whole look and feel, I left with a great taste and after-taste, both in my mouth and my heart!

Friends and family know I rarely rave about Indian restaurants, and I have a bias for New York City. Well done New Punjab Club and Black Sheep Restaurants, very well done!


Only a couple of weeks back, we’d dined at Chaiwala, so ordered accordingly, but the portion sizes were bigger here. So, bear that in mind. We did take our leftovers to go because it was too good to waste and too much to finish.

Chilli Pakora
It’s classic Indian street food fare. Chillies, dipped in chickpea batter and then deep fried were served with a yummy tamarind chutney and fried chillies. With sliced vegetables to cut through the fried stuff. They were fried to perfection, were crisp and didn’t turn chewy towards the end when it had cooled down a bit.
Chilli Pakora New Punjab Club

Mogewala Paneer
Cottage cheese stuffed with spices and served with corn raita and green chutney. It was good with charred looks and taste, but the most expensive paneer I’ve eaten ever! At almost USD 30, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.
Paneer Tikka New Punjab Club

Palak Mushroom Matar
It translates to Spinach, mushroom, green peas, and has to be the second best spinach dish I’ve eaten till date. The best was in Spain, here. Both the dishes had in common a nice smokiness. And if I’ve to talk about Indian restaurants, then this is the best one.

The one at Chaiwala was superb too, but this was different, delish and everything else. Those tender mushrooms on the top, those fresh leaves of spinach seasoned with salt and lime juice – it’s those details! The curry itself was brilliant.

We ordered a paneer kulcha and a butter naan to go with the food. The paneer kulcha could be eaten as is, on it’s own! Fluffy enough, it was generously stuffed. Extra points for that. One of my pet peeves is when they call it stuffed and then skimp on the stuffing :/

The butter naan was cooked perfectly. And these two flatbreads were the most good looking flatbreads I’ve been served till date. The chopped cilantro was charitably tucked in those flatbreads!

Pressing on the pockets, but absolutely masterful cooking here.

We washed our food down with a couple of their gin and tonics.

The husband’s colleague who’s very fond of Indian food didn’t like it here. I’ve asked the husband to ask the colleague to go try these and report back!

I quickly peeked into the kitchen to see their two tandoors in action. Cooking in tandoor gives the foods a nice charred exterior but a moist and tender interior and is quite typical of Punjabi cuisine. The kitchen staff was as friendly as the ones who served us.

And those bathrooms! Matte gold (could be because of the lights) and sher-o-shayari, I couldn’t have asked for more!

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