Nessun Dorma

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Nessun Dorma

I’d looked this place up before going.  And while sitting there wasn’t particularly necessary to get great views, we stopped anyway as we were hungry.

The place is more of a drink place, not particularly an eat place.  Especially not if you’re hungry and are vegetarian and are not very fond of breads.  They did offer good desserts too, so not that you would starve, but if you’re looking for something hearty to eat, and vegetarian at that.

But they (the service) were warm, and not pushing.  And it was a quick little break, though a better idea would’ve been to eat at that restaurant right outside the station.  But, we wanted to see The Cinque Terre and could not stop right there and then we walked up here and could not go back without eating something.

But this little eating something meant baby K could spend some time playing in the little kids area up there.  I think we might not find a better kids playing area with better views.

They say you’ve got to try something pesto based in Cinque Terre, so we got the bruschetta with that.  A caprese.  A white wine, that’s what they said you should get here.  And a smoothie (that tasted watered down even though we’d asked for milk based) for the little one.  He did not like it and we ended up finishing that for him.  We didn’t like it either :p

But the pesto was good.  So was the wine.  And the view!

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