Nepal Restaurant

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Nepal Restaurant

We visited Nepal Restaurant this past Saturday for dinner. I’m still wondering if the prices were Mid Levels prices or Eatigo prices to be able to offer a discount.

I was able to snag of 50% discount off Eatigo, and even then found the place a bit too pricey for the look and feel.

About a HKD 92 or roughly USD 12, these have to be the most expensive momos I have eaten till date. I did see the price before ordering but I was thinking they might a whole platter for that price. I stood corrected.

So while they stood out on the price, they’d not and out on the taste. Add to the hilarity of the situation that my son went on about how I ordered smelly food and reserve stinky place. It was the cauliflower in the momos the cauliflower in the momo that he was talking about.

Let’s just say carrots, corn, cauliflower and Nepalese spices didn’t taste as good, served as momos.

Their green and red chutneys though could be the best I’ve eaten in Hong Kong. Fresh and feisty. They were served alongside masala papad, on the house.

They skimped on the quantity of mangoes put in the mango lassi. At roughly USD 7 for a glass size that I would call small, the least you can do is be generous with the fruit portion when we order the beverage? It hardly looked yellow.

How else do you justify the high prices? SOHO, Mid Levels, again?

The samosas didn’t come with a tamarind chutney but they were good. And four in number – decent sized ones. I’d come here craving samosas and happy to say that craving was satisfied, though tamarind chutney along would’ve been cherry on the cake.

The mixed vegetables with paneer were absolutely disappointing. Too sweet. Tasted of sweet, undercooked tomato sauce. And broccoli doesn’t do well with the South Asian subcontinent style of cooking. I don’t know why they don’t get it? Do you?

The tandoori naan tasted a bit raw and dry.

I may come here for the samosas again (and probably sneak in my own homemade tamarind chutney), but not sure about the other things. Their menu did look pretty elaborate.

Momos Nepal Restaurant
Samosa Nepal Restaurant

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