Nat’s Bistro

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After checking into our Chiang Mai hotel, we stepped out to get some food. It was already past 10 and we didn’t want to delay further, so we headed out towards the Anusarn Market. This was the first place we saw, it had vegetarian options, and without further thinking, we stepped in.

It was a colorful place.
IMG_20171221_221536 IMG_20171221_221538
IMG_20171221_221548 IMG_20171221_221550
IMG_20171221_221552 IMG_20171221_221554

We ordered banana crepe for the child while we looked at the menu.

IMG_20171221_221446 IMG_20171221_221455


Pad kee mao and green curry is what we went with since people weren’t too hungry. The noodles were alright but the green curry was great.
IMG_20171221_222037 IMG_20171221_222044
IMG_20171221_222312 IMG_20171221_222322
IMG_20171221_222328 IMG_20171221_222331
IMG_20171221_222342 IMG_20171221_222404

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