Nan Dining

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Nan Dining

In the first place, I wasn’t absolutely keen on trying the place since the recommendation came from an acquaintance whom I do not really admire. My thoughts are that she doesn’t care about anybody, so that makes me doubt anything that she says or does.

So, starting the trip, we had this place in the know, but not on our to-do particularly. We weren’t sure about our agenda for the two day Atlanta/ Georgia trip either. Letting go of this place earlier in the afternoon (open for dinners only on weekends), I kind of took it upon me to visit the place 😉

Or so it happened. Our first plan was to eat lunch anywhere, visit the Coke museum, go to the Atlanta temple, and then head further to Helen. Since Nan was almost on our way to the Coke museum, we decided to stop here for lunch.  Discovering that it will be open for dinner only, we headed to Urban Pl8 (in another post).  We then came back to the Coke museum and figured that we might have to wait in line for about 45 minutes at least to get in.  Not wanting to do that, we headed for the temple and then got back to the Coke museum only two minutes before they closed their ticket booth 🙂

After doing that, since we had to have dinner some place, we decided Nan 😉

And I must say I did not regret it.  The food was alright.  We were not extremely hungry in the first place.  But the decor was amazing.  And the bathroom was one of the best I have ever come across.



The spring rolls ***
The H is a big fan and orders whenever he gets a chance

Green curry ***
Not the best I’ve eaten, but again, nothing bad about it. The rice was served in a cute utensil.

20130228-162303.jpg 20130228-162312.jpg

We decided to skip

Service ****
Very nice

So here goes one of our conversations with the server.
Server: We have a restaurant in New York, since you’re from there.
Me: What’s it called? [Shocked that if it was Thai and this caliber, how had I not been aware]
Server: Tamarind
Me: I don’t know. Not heard.
Server: Oh! Not now, many years ago. Then we closed and relocated here.
Me: [Heaved a sigh of relief!] Oh!

Overall ***.5 – for the place. It’s got class to match NYC standards.

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