N.O.W (Noodles of the World)

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N.O.W (Noodles of the World)

All the noodles look the same because they were all vegetarian – with vegetables. They did not have tofu (sigh!).
I personally did not enjoy their pad thai (too sweet and no peanuts), but our friend Sa of Sa&An liked it.

The hub and I enjoyed the lo-mein and the thin glass bean-curd noodles turned out to be the best dish for the evening. Almost transparent, these noodles were well cooked, not chewy with soy sauce dressing.

I didn’t try the wanton cream cheese appetizers, but everybody liked it. More of an American Chinese appetizer, it was, with a side of plum sauce.

If you want to have a good and quick bite and gamble away at Borgata, this is the place.






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