Ms. 100

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Ms. 100 in SOHO is a quick meal place, serving healthy Korean fare.

We got the two vegan bowls they had – the japchae and bibimbap. The japchae are sweet potato noodles and tasty in itself, but the bibimbap bowl was plain bland. Not sure if they forgot to ask us for the sauces or they just don’t give it unless asked.

We went to the them twice, to get some hot sauces. The Korean sauces are one of the most flavorful, in general. I love the gojuchang, which is a nice balance of spices, sweet, salt and tang. And they did their sauces well, not sure if they made them in house or bought, but they were good.

It’s difficult to go wrong with the basics, and they had that right.

The orange juice was overpriced, I thought, and we didn’t even get the glass filled. And it was super hot and the juice wasn’t cold.

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