Mount High West Viewing Point

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Mount High West Viewing Point

Mount High West Viewing Point

An easy hike to do if the Hong Kong skies suddenly clear up or you want to step out to savour one of the many views Hong Kong has to offer, Mount High West Viewing Point is for you.

Getting There

We wanted it be easy and quick as we’d wanted to step out last minute, so we started our ‘hike’ from the Peak. We took the bus 15 from IFC / Central. And the views savouring started with the ride, where we got ourselves the first seats on the the top.

Arriving at the Peak, you’ll see Lugard Road directions. That’s where you begin walking. If it’s rainy season, you’ll see a small waterfall shortly into the hike. Only a bit of walking, you’ll see a few play areas on the way.  On one of the bigger playgrounds, you’ll see directions to Mount High West to the left.

A few more of the flat grounds and then you’ll begin ascending a flight of steps to get up the Mount High West Viewing Point. 30 minutes, give or take from the beginning of the flight of steps.

It was a relatively clear evening that one, and we could easily see a lot of Hong Kong in all directions.

Getting Back

Coming back, you could do the whole Peak Circle. We headed back the same way. Galleria -> Bus 15. Though we disembarked at Pacific Place at the Great Food Hall to get some dinner bites before heading back home.

You could always take a taxi to and from, if you prefer.

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