Mott 32

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Mott 32

What congruity that Mott 32 in Hong Kong is named after 32 Mott Street in New York! How things connect back to the York! 😀

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My friend from undergrad, who probably had no plans of telling me that he’d be in Hong Kong, was transiting from the US back to India after a work visit. I happened to message him after a long while. His birthday call had been due since December [facepalm]. And that’s how he ended up telling me he’d be here, so we met for a quick lunch.

I, lazily, delayed on booking a place for lunch. Last minute scrambling led me to getting a table at 14:00 here. It could’ve been seen but while on call, the lady I spoke to said all I could get was boiled vegetables if I wanted a vegan meal.

Not convinced and having read a couple of articles quickly, I saw that I could get more than just boiled vegetables, I called back only to be told that the earlier table was all gone.

Going there, I saw an entire menu with sufficient options dedicated to vegetarians – something that wasn’t apparent from the website. And I requested my foods sans eggs.

We ordered mapo tofu, the spicy eggplant, and stir-fried rice noodles. Interestingly, those were the only pictures that were deleted off my One Plus 5. I have no clue how or why.

I also chose to get their cocktail called Forbidden Rose – vanilla infused Machhu pisco with passion fruit, lychee, chili, lemon and a pretty flower to adorn it. The drink was strong, or maybe I hadn’t eaten much since morning, so it hit the spot. Though the lychee and chili were non-existential for me. It was a great balance of sweet and sour and looked very darling and the taste quite kept the expectations.

The friend was shocked/surprised on seeing me grab a drink in the middle of the day and went on to ask if I’d gone on to eating meat. Nope! The alcohol is vegetarian :p

The place is grand, reminded me a bit of Buddakan. Relatively dark, capacious, and resplendent.

Too bad I had to keep going back to the watch and hurry up with the meal to make sure I’d be able to pick the child from school on time.

The food was alright, nothing stood out. I mean I’ve had similar tasting foods for a fraction of a price here. But again, I’m paying for the place here.

Centrally situated (pun intended), the place is great for dates, office lunches, big groups and all.

The friend and I were able to catch up on bits with whatever little time we had here. And then, a bit while I showed him the famed Mid Levels escalators. And then we bid goodbyes until next time.

Cheers to old friends!

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