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Motorino of Blacksheep Restaurants has been our go-to for pizzas close to home in Hong Kong.

Serving Neapolitan style pizzas, these have pleased our NY tastebuds or cravings for pizzas here.

Having been there multiple times, I was a bit surprised when on this recent visit is when they handed us a stamped loyalty card. I asked our sweet server if this was something new and she said no. I asked her why they didn’t inform us of that on our previous visits and she, of course, didn’t have an answer, but politely mentioned she’s seen us before and that’s why she gave it to us.

The pizzas are good. They’ve added cocktails recently here, I reckon. Their menu keeps changing. The one time we had antipasti there – smoked eggplant, my jaw was on the floor with the price to portion size proportion, more because the taste disappointed as well. But the good news is that their pizzas don’t disappoint.

And as with other Blacksheep Restaurants, they have the friendliest of staff.

Marghertia Pizza Motorino
Brussel Sprouts Pizza Motorino
Prosecco Motorino
Tiramisu Motorino
Olives Marinara Pizza Motorino
Smoked Eggplant Antipasti Motorino

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