Motel L

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Motel L

This was a great find in Stockholm, not the cheapest, but definitely one of the chic-est. Sorry for being jumpy in my blogs, but instead of pushing it to even later, I thought of uploading some photos here – as I am about to free some space on my iPhone for some new photos.

It’s a very convenient commute to and from Gamla Stan and Stockholm Central, with the tram station/ bus stop across the hotel – right across the hotel.


3 thoughts on “Motel L

  1. Looks quite nice and stylish indeed! Stockholm is generally very expensive, so I wouldn’t mind about the price too much. Enjoy your time in the city!

  2. Thanks, Moritz. Yeah, I realized Scandinavia is not cheap. I wasn’t complaining, just saying, as I don’t think I spent too much energy on trying to find cheaper accommodations 🙂
    I was there in May this year for a couple of days.

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