Morning Glory

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Morning Glory

A few repeated recommendations on the Hong Kong Moms Facebook group for restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam meant definitely coming to Morning Glory.

I’d walked for two hours non stop from the hotel to Old Town, just in a bid to wander and explore. In the 34 degrees sweltering heat that it was.

I’m always for warm meals but I couldn’t bring myself to anything soup based. The vegetarian options were limited (for this weather), and I didn’t feel like eating tofu.

So, I ordered warm tofu and salad rice paper rolls, which you’ll rarely see me order.

Rarer would be me caught not ordering a drink on a vacation, but given the heat and sweat, I wasn’t sure my body could handle it (read I didn’t feel like it). And so it was a small and simple lunch.

While not as colourful as I was imagining them to be, the rice rolls were perfect temperature and perfectly soft, not crunchy as I’ve had at other places, which I liked. Lots of green herbs, from mint to spring onions to lemongrass, complemented well by the simple yet powerful soy sauce and peanuts to dip them rolls in.

I could hear at least the parties on three other tables being very happy with their food as well.






Followed by some more walking, a glass of diluted but cold sugarcane juice from a local vendor that still tasted like elixir in that heat.

I walked back to the hotel – thinking I’ll drop down at some point, but I made it. Booked Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge for tomorrow.

And after I’m done posting this, I’ll begin looking up a place for dinner, because, small lunch 🙂

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