Morning Glory Signature

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Morning Glory Signature

My last supper in Hoi An was at Morning Glory Signature in the Old Town of Hoi An. The location is ideal, and if you’re at the main balcony, overlooking the Thu Bon River.

Anyone feel the tone of the meal is set the moment you step in, how you’re treated and when you’re seated – even before you order and your meal arrives?

Contemplating to leave because of a dis-interested server, I still decided to stay.

The host was clear in communicating that she could seat me in the main balcony but not by the balcony OR seat me by the balcony but not in the main balcony. Though it was a Monday, it was peak season and I didn’t make reservations so I chose to go to the other balcony without much fuss.

The server handed me the electronic gadget to order the food on and left, she couldn’t care less. I had to wave and wait for her attention to lead me to the vegetarian options.

After adding that to the cart, I waited for her attention again to make sure it didn’t have eggs.

It was the same kitchen, different floor and different prices perhaps from Ms. Vy’s kitchen.


It’s a long wait, but I have the entire gorgeous balcony and this side of the restaurant to myself.
The food took it’s own sweet time to arrive. And it was pretty much most of the vegetarian entree options there. Not a bad deal at all in terms of getting to try it all. But, nothing to remember in terms of the taste.

It was all decent and good, but no bombastic flavours like that drool-worthy tofu skin and mushrooms on my first day there. The curious case of higher expectations :p


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