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After eating three meals at home (actually more if we count other people’s homes too), I thought I just couldn’t eat more Indian home cooked food. I was planning to place an order for delivery but the hub offered to go out.

So, here we are sitting at More at Grove street. Not bad a place in terms of looks – for a very casual week evening.

Nice and warm but it had the regular salt sprinkled unevenly.


Imitation duck in lemongrass sauce
Not served warm enough in the first place. I asked her to warm it up further. The bamboo shoots seemed preserved or not fresh.


Pad Kee Mao
Arrived extremely hot (based on our input to the first dish). In fact arrived as a pad thai before we asked her to replace it.


Our server was in such a rush that we wondered what’s with her.

Not returning proactively.

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