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Earlier this January, we visited Atlanta, Georgia.  We drove quite a bit to see the Ruby Falls.

After getting done with Ruby Falls at around 7:45 PM on Sunday evening, we were hungry and looking for food options. We had to be in Atlanta in a timely way to get the flight back to NYC next morning. So, that Sunday evening, rather than going anywhere far or deviating off the way, we settled for this place, which did not turn out to be a settle(ment) at all.

I got the mountain bowl, with their vegetarian chili. For those who know Qdoba, this is their version of gumbo. The husband got vegetarian tacos and we share a side of guacamole. Less than 20 minutes later, we were out and back on our way to Atlanta, with a satiated tum & pocket 🙂

We noticed that the place was quite popular for a lot of to-go orders.


Eat – sheerly for their no frills but decent and easy on the pocket meal.

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