Mirror & Vegan Concept

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It started with a funny entrance. It shouldn’t be funny but I found it amusing I’m capable of laughing things away.

I got off the elevator and hesitated momentarily before getting in. At the table by the door, the two people seated looked at me in a strange manner. I interpreted their reaction as ‘wow, we have a client’ implying that they’re the owners. But being so surprised wasn’t so encouraging to actually step in, wast it?

There was another table which also looked like the restaurant’s staff. These were my interpretations based on their behaviour, which was later confirmed when the first table’s guy went and sipped the drink from this second table’s.

Coming to point – the food. I went with their set lunch that included a salad, a soup, a coffee or tea and an entree.

I got the black bean spaghetti with creamy truffle sauce.

The salad was good and fresh. The soup, alright. Standard diced vegetables served with a bread that was warm and floury on the top.

The entree was served hot, which’s always a plus for me. The black bean noodles were chewy. They were cooked nicely but that’s how bean noodles taste. They might be healthy but don’t completely satiate the noodles craving. They reminded me a lot of the edamame noodles I got from Costco once.

You could tell the truffles and it was filled with mushrooms plenty, but some were very, very stubborn to eat, to the point of not being able to chew them or swallow completely.

It was black coffee, served with soy milk on the side.

They delayed my coffee for a very long time.

Then came the check and it was supposed to be their soft opening day with a 30% discount from 11:30 to 2 or something similar, and a 20% discount for the rest of the day; but they came with a 20% discount.

On questioning, they responded that I should’ve been out of the place by that time to earn the 30% discount. Not sure if she was confused about how it works or not, but I told her that their delays shouldn’t be my problem.

I’d come in a little after noon and should’ve well been done in time but they took over 20 minutes to get me coffee.

I’d give them a benefit of doubt that they were confused about how the discount works.

And know how I said I thought that the first table were the owners, or managers or something? The lady who got my check went to them after I told her I want a 30% discount as advertised.

That just boosted my ego a little – of the fact that I think I read people well 🙂

The food didn’t floor me. Based on the dishes they served the food in, it felt like they were trying to be upscale-ish. But the decor just didn’t match up to it. The chairs, the table covers and cuts looked old school. Adorned with mirrors, hence the name.

It could still be a cozy date place, but it wouldn’t be my style.

The place popped up as an ad on my instagram feed and that’s how I ended up here.

IMG_20171109_121002 IMG_20171109_121007
IMG_20171109_121010 IMG_20171109_121032
IMG_20171109_121328 IMG_20171109_121337
IMG_20171109_121940 IMG_20171109_121945
IMG_20171109_122004 IMG_20171109_122016
IMG_20171109_122019 IMG_20171109_122044
IMG_20171109_122906 IMG_20171109_122910
IMG_20171109_122919 IMG_20171109_122928
IMG_20171109_122955 IMG_20171109_123007
IMG_20171109_123019 IMG_20171109_125110

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