Minh & Kok

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Minh & Kok

A newfound friend in Hong Kong suggested us trying Max Concept’s Minh & Kok this Tuesday for lunch.

Showcasing Vietnamese and Thai food, primarily street style tastes of Ho Minh Chi & Bangkok and assume that’s where it gets its name from.

The interiors are a happy mix of tiles with pastel blues and other hues. Quite open and they have al fresco seating as well, like most other restaurants here at Fashion Walk.

About three options that the lady told could be customized to be vegetarian, I asked our server to see if a different option could be veganized. He wasn’t sure but he took a moment to check with the chef in charge and I could see that the chef nodded confidently that he could.

So I got those flat wide noodles with an array of vegetables. It was soupy and tasty – probably perfect for a rainy day, but I usually prefer drier noodles. It was different in that a big blob of those noodles were centred on the plate with the soy sauced and corn flour-ed vegetables poured over.

It was a simple and delicately flavoured dish – you couldn’t go wrong with it. The noodles were perfectly cooked, soft and chewy. I’m quite happy with noodles I’ve been getting in Hong Kong.

A ginger gin drink to go with it. They have lunch sets that come with an iced drink but we have to have a cocktail, don’t we? These were the most reasonable alcoholic drinks I’ve had in Hong Kong. And much better than that bloody mary I was complaining about, remember? 🙂

I’d certainly recommend this place. A simple menu that would probably work for any time of the day.

Gin & Ginger Minh & Kok
Flat Wide Noodles Minh & Kok

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