Minh Hien Vegetarian

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Minh Hien Vegetarian

Wow! That was some great food I had for supper at Minh Hien Vegetarian this evening. In hindsight, it was one of the best meals I had in Hoi An, Vietnam.

According to Hidden Hoi An, some people call it the best food in Vietnam. I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly one of the best Vietnamese meals I’ve eaten. Though, I’ve not eaten many ­čśÉ

The menu was expansive and I was confused about what to order. Even before my food arrived, I was second guessing my decision of ordering it versus a set meal.

When it arrived, I was even sadder because it said fried rice with mushrooms and tofu skin, and papaya salad. I ordered this because I’d get to try the papaya salad as well, at least.

It didn’t look appealing with what looked and tasted like salted turmeric rice with pepper and salt. That was topped with mushroom, tofu skin and thinly sliced onions, greens and herbs, seasoned with salt, pepper and perfect acidity to bring it all together. Rau ram or Vietnamese coriander had a peculiar taste, adding that extra element.

That mushroom tofu stir fry – has to be the best I’ve eaten. It wasn’t piping hot so my guess is it wasn’t a stir fry per se, more of a tossed warm or room temperature salad.

The papaya salad tasted great too. My server though I ordered an additional papaya salad and that had all the shabang, topped with sliced garlic and peanuts. I was sad to say no, but there’s only so much I can eat.

Who am I kidding! I can eat much more ?

The lemongrass martini came equally sad looking, with big chunks of ice, no lemongrass to garnish the drink with, but it tasted fine.

Not the strongest drink, but a decent preparation. I wasn’t expecting much.

I’m still gaga about that perfect mushroom tofu skin topping on my rice. The rice was lukewarm, not piping hot, but for this weather and an al fresco set up, the temperature of the meal couldn’t have been better. Just like the taste!

Absolute try. I might go give their other locations a shot in the next few days.


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