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Meskerem is the first Ethiopian restaurant I went to, in 2008 or 2009.

My taste buds hadn’t developed as much then, and though the food was good, it appeared more like a poor man’s food to me. Forward 3/ 4 years, in 2012 I visited the same place again, which was now Meske. By then, I was going gaga about the New York City food. It didn’t seem as bad this time. The taste was impeccably same.

As the Orthodox Ethiopian church promotes fasting on a lot of days and seasons, quite a few vegan options are available.

Injera is a slightly sour flatbread made from fermented flour. Traditionally made from teff flour, it can be substituted with rice, wheat or barley. Based on harvesting teff, the prices can be quite high for middle income households in Africa.

Wat is a thick spicy stew served over the injera.  Ethiopians extensively eat with hands.

If you do not mind eating from the same plate, Ethiopian is the cuisine for you.  You can try anything and everything vegetarian at an Ethiopian place if you have a big group.


I don’t think I have a photo from that evening, so I just borrowed one off one of the other Ethiopian places I visited.

Meskerem on Urbanspoon
Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine
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