Mercado Gourmet Lonja Del Barranco

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This was a little drink stop for us on our last day in Sevilla.  Well, last but one, but the next day, we were headed to the airport early in the afternoon.  This little stop was the fifth food/ drink stop for us that day.  We could’ve eaten here, but I wanted to eat at a proper Spanish place, so we just drank here.

The husband gets a glass of wine.  I’ve already had two for lunch, so I say pass for now, until dinner.

Picture this – a gentleman is finely cutting fruits and puts them into a big pitcher.  Pours some juice and ice in it and lets it sit.  I go to him a few minutes later and ask for a Sangria.  He opens a bottle, takes a glass, pours some what looks like sparkling red wine over ice.  I always thought they did the fruity boozy mix in first, followed by the sparkling water, but then I was like hey, this is Spain.  They know their sangria, maybe he’ll add it later.

He continues to pour and I’m like, wow, he’s really filling it up.  Then he  hands the glass to me and says 2.50.  I was surprised.  Shocked, really, but let’s go with surprised for now.  What about the fruits, I ask?  They’re for the other vendor.

Sigh!  I was so disappointed.  I came to the table, sipped a couple of sips, then swapped it with A’s wine.  Baby K was sleeping.

So much for trying to get a good sangria in Spain!

The market otherwise looked chic, a nice weekday evening I could spend there 🙂

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