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Mercadito Mexican Restaurant NYC Flan Dessert

Friday! Letting the others decide a place to go to ain’t a judicious thing to do 😉

Mercadito Mexican Restaurant NYC Flan Dessert

La Nacional Tapas Bar is where we ended up going – J, A, M, V, S, the husband and I. It was not good at all. Totally reminded me of the Bamboleo evening. J was visibly dissatisfied with the place – we shared a laugh or two about it.

A sangria pitcher and three small appetizers later, we wrap up from there and head to Mercadito near Christopher Street – one of the very few places that would accommodate us within 45 minutes of calling.

A nice and small and snuggled down restaurant. Loved the vibe.

Mercadito Mexican Restaurant NYC

Mercadito Mexican Restaurant NYC

Mercadito Mexican Restaurant NYC

We got started with a drinks for the boys and a tasting of the three types guacamole they had – traditional, mango and manzana (with apple and a smoked flavour). They were fresh and good, not the yummiest. We almost collectively liked the traditional the best, followed by mango. The portions of guacamole were minikin.

When going to Mexican restaurants, guacamole is what sets their benchmark, no?

A is a drink (+1) down and happy. S too. The fun begins 😉

We ordered vegetarian combinations for tacos and quesadillas.

For tacos (soft), we got potato-poblano rajas, chile de årbol salsa, crema fresca. The salsa was flavourful.  The other was soy sauce marinated zucchini, black bean hash, pico de gallo, avocado, tomatillo salsa. These all seemed like good small bite party ideas.

They were good. Portions continued to be small – good for sharing in a group, though.

Quesadillas – we ordered crispy corn tortilla, wild mushrooms, black bean hash,
manchego cheese, tomatillo salsa, epazote crema fresca. They looked nice and colourful.

I was full with the generous amount of guacamole I had; did not end up eating much of the other stuff, but from what I tasted, they were all fine.

On the side were fried plaintains, and brussel sprouts in a creamy tomato sauce, without the meat. The brussel sprouts were a little on the raw side, not as well done, plus the sauce made it a little soggy – since we ate it over a long period of time.

The plantains were cut in perfect sizes, very hot. A great side – I’ve always been a fan of plantains.

The other margaritas were good, strong but the drink that stood out was michelada – beer of choice, lime, worcestershire, tabasco, salt. The tabasco and the salt gave it a nice kick and subdued the flavor of the beer. They get you a salt rimmed glass, with tabasco shot in it, fill up the beer and go. Another shot of tabasco on the side for the remaining beer. Alcoholic Mexican jaljeera, if the Indians know what I mean 😉

Somebody whom we met and explained the drink equated it to a snakebite.

For dessert – they had only two options, caramelized plantains and flan. Not a big fan of flan, but tried that anyway since we’d had enough plantains for the evening. I’ll say save room for dessert at another place.


Mercadito Restaurants | Chicago

Three and a Half Stars.

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