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Here’s the problem with the massages you get in the city. I’m not even talking about the expense. They don’t cover everything. Most places in the city don’t touch the face and tummy during a massage session. The thing about face massages is that even the facials don’t spend enough time on massaging the face. But that’s a different topic.

Coming back to tummy, I would like that to be included.

They include the hands and arms, but it gets a step treatment in terms of time.

Then, depending on where you go, they’ll essentially divide the time between back and full legs. Some places concentrate more on backs, little time on the back of the thigh and legs and might not touch the front of the legs at all.
See the problem, I’d like them to devote equal time to it all – legs, hands, back, tummy, maybe a bit less on face and head.

I know you can dedicated head and foot massages. I do get the foot reflexology ones every now and then.

But, I’d like to get it all at one place. At one sitting. I’m greedy, maybe. But I love massages. I could get them everyday if I didn’t think it was a splurge paying the amount I have to pay here.

Plus aren’t they good with blood circulation and all. Especially if you’re lazy to not exercise ?

This problem was somewhat solved by this nice lady who came to my place. She’d cover all that I mentioned above, sans head. But then, she doesn’t spend the whole 60 minutes. It’s more in the 50 minutes range.

Yikes! It’s bad when I should feel nice after having a massage, but here I am, complaining.

I went to ShunFa Relaxing Center at 7th avenue for the body work. An hour. They focused on the back, pretty much. A little time to the back of legs.

With a little to time to the hands and head and neck.

It’ll run you $39 + tips.

The pressure is a lot, it’s deep tissue. If you can’t handle, let them know. They’d be gentle.

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