Masalas & Muziris

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Masalas & Muziris

Cooking Indian food almost everyday, I would like to think that I have higher benchmarks for it. The spice mix I tried from Muziris certainly met that and more.

India is diverse and equally varied are the foods from the different regions. I am especially fond of food from the southern parts of India. It’s got a whole lot of complexities or simplicities to it, depending on how proficient a cook you are.

Time and again I find myself making food from scratch especially some masalas, and for those of you who do too, know that extra edge it imparts to your dishes. But sometimes, I’m also daunted and would rather someone make them for me and hence was super excited to try this freshly made spice mix from Muziris.

I’ve not eaten a lot of Chettinad food, per se, but the moment I opened up their Chettinad curry mix, I knew it was going to be awesome. Not only was it such a cute packaging with their stamp and details of all the spices, but it also smelled absolutely divine!

Mine was a multi-step process where you marinate your vegetables/protein in a spice mix and have your gravy cooked with another bunch of spices and how it all comes together to give you something absolutely packed with flavours.

They have a detailed recipe on the website here. I chose to give it my own twist by making a semi-dry version with cooking the onions and tomatoes with their spice mix 1 and adding my par-boiled potatoes and then baked with spice mix to it to bring it all together.

It’s got a lovely kick with the whole array of spices in there, with a certain nuttiness and sweetness brought in by coconut, not to mention the onions that you cook and caramelize.

It was approved and relished by the husband who rarely wants to eat ‘aloo ki sabzi‘ or potato curry. I choose to go with potatoes because I think it makes for a great canvas for the spices and seasonings to shine through. MuzirisNYC recommended trying it with cauliflower and I’m sure it’ll taste equally amazing.

Muziris is something of a labor of love – an effort by Kritika and Arjun to share the joy of Indian cooking with a wider community. Its name comes from the ancient port town of Muziris, located on the Malabar Coast in the modern-day Indian state of Kerala.

Dating back to the 1st century BC, it was at the heart of the ancient spice trade, when black pepper and bay leaves were among the most valuable exports from India to the Mediterranean. Centuries ago, this bustling port town made people in distant lands fall in love with Indian spices.

With Muziris, this New York-based couple is trying to do something similar. They custom-make and deliver freshly ground, authentic Indian spice mixes to your doorstep for a range of Indian dishes. Take my word for this – the aroma of freshly ground spices is enough to get you hooked!

All you need to do is order your choice of spice mix, gather other easily available ingredients, and follow a simple recipe on their website.

Watch my Instagram space for something exciting coming with them soon!

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