Maria Catita

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Maria Catita

This was a result of finding good Portugese and vegetarian friendly places in Lisbon. In between Chiado and Alfama neighbourhoods, close to the Se area, this place was good.

Though there wasn’t any Portuguese in what I ate, maybe my ‘vegetarianism’ limited it, but it was satisfying. A big plate of roasted vegetables and a tomato risotto.

I am not a fan of mint in rices or maybe it’s been the preparations that I’ve eaten, but this one had a different level of freshness or mint to it. The risotto wasn’t mushy and had a good bite to it.

I continued with my dropping things and all and pushed my wine glass (port) and was only half as happy towards the end of the evening. Half the happiness was spilled on the table :p

Kiaan wasn’t particularly cooperating with us, so we passed on the dessert and headed back home. The temporary home.

And the friendly staff corrected me with all the obrigada/ obrigado confusion. I’d thought I’ll say obrigada, always, as I’m a lady but he told me it depends on whom you’re saying it to!


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