Mama San

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Mama San

Barring the time the child spent his summers in India, Mama San by Will Meyrick of Dining Concepts was the second dinner in three years with a friend couple – one of the few people I’ve been social with.

Relatively reasonably priced cocktails, plenty of vegetarian options and a chic space – the place was good. The drinks and the food, both impressive.

The pomelo salad with lime leaf, banana blossom, cucumber and Vietnamese mint was nice and refreshing. The Vietnamese mint has something extra to it, that I quite like. The banana blossoms added that earthiness.

Thai dry yellow curry of minced impossible meat with lemongrass was a hit. You could wrap that up in the lettuce cups they served, but I happily ate it without it (because coronavirus and I preferred not to use my hands).

Saag burrata – the palak paneer or saag paneer, with burrata instead of paneer was very well executed.

Pad thai tasted good, but could’ve been saucier, if I may.

The red curry with pumpkin, tofu, long beans and okra hit the spot on taste and creaminess.

The moong dal palak tadka – Indian lentils, while good weren’t as great as I can prepare at home. (Yeah, modesty goes for a toss :p)

The nasi goreng is hard to mess up and was decent.

The only disappointment on the food was stir-fried okra. It didn’t taste or look stir-fried and was very raw. If it were just the hubster and I, I would’ve probably have it re-done.

The drinks were refreshing and tasted well. I had one Hot Mama -gin, ginger, chili and homemade ginger beer with dried citrus fruit. This was followed by a Lemon Chilli Martini – vodka, limoncello, pink grapefruit and lemongrass syrup with chilli and again, dried citrus fruit.

The hubster had a Pineapple Kaffir Lime Margarita – tequila, triple sec, pineapple juice and kaffir lime leaves.

After a quiet dinner, it was quite a task to get the children to wrap up and get home.

Impossible Meat Lettuce Cups Mama San
Pomelo Salad Mama San
Pad Thai Mama San
Red Curry Mama San
Saag Burrata Mama San
Moong Dal Tadka Mama San
Nasi Goreng Mama San
Okra Mama San
Lemon Chili Martini Mama San
Pineapple Kaffir Lime Margarita Mama San
Cocktails Mama San

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