Malmö (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

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Malmö (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

After Oslo, this was the second day of our travel to Scandinavia.


We took a bus – Nettbuss from Oslo to Malmö. It took me sometime to figure out the travel, you’ve got trains too, but this seemed to work for us. I contacted Nettbuss Norway and they said I don’t need to buy a ticket for a one year old, nor is it a compulsion to put the baby on in a car-seat. When I contacted Nettbuss Sweden, they said that I need to buy a ticket. Some people on tripadvisor suggested it might be mandatory to put the baby in a car-seat.

After all this, and some more reading, I decided not to buy a ticket for baby K. I purchased the tickets in advance. There are plenty of travel options and if you’re not restricted by anything, you could go with the flow. Our concern was not too much hopping with the baby. Even though we did, at least the bus ride was straight without any transfers.

The ride was pretty and though I hoped to get some sleep on this long 7ish hour ride, I hardly got any. But baby K was fairly good and manageable.

A little stop at Gothenberg where we got Sweden’s famous sticky cinnamon bus and coffee, and we were on our way to Malmö. Almost all the people from Oslo got off here and a new crop of people joined in for the ride to Malmö.

We got there, got out, chatted with the bus driver, took our luggage off and admired the pretty town. Less than a minute later, we realized that we forgot our jackets on the bus. Had we run after it, or taken a cab after it, we would’ve gotten it. But we skipped.

And did lots of follow up with the Nettbuss but couldn’t locate them. This was a Saturday. And the Monday was a holiday in Norway too. So we tried chasing them via phones and emails, but pretty much knew we weren’t going to get them back.

And it wasn’t that difficult to survive without a jacket there towards the end of May. I had packed sweaters for my trip and was a little cold sometimes in the evenings, but it was manageable. Not that I couldn’t buy another jacket, but I couldn’t find any, as the stores were carrying summer collections and the ones that were available weren’t cheap. The hubster got a down jacket, later.

Coming back to Malmö, we walked past the canal/ river and a fun town center to our hotel Scandic Malmö. There were plenty of Scandic hotels on our way to ours. It was quite nice and a big respite in terms of the look from our Oslo hotel.

We took our shower, and headed out. While walking back to the city center, we chanced upon this inviting place called Satori and entered. And were glad we did. It was pretty and vegan. What a relief. The hubster took a vegan quiche style food, a glass of wine, coffee and a dessert. I can’t recollect what and the photos were on my HTC which is to be lost the following day in Copenhagen.

Baby K was sleeping, we enjoyed the quick late lunch and were out, strolling, aimlessly.  First, around the city center, then, their so called jail area.  It was nice and sunny.  And a glass of wine always makes everything more fun and the husband more bearable :p

We continued our aimless wandering.

We ended up making a long walk to the Turning Torso for nothing.  I mean we could see the building from faaaar and me being the silly me, didn’t read that it was a private building.  That I couldn’t go up and all.  Anyway, we took a cab back to the city center, ate some at Zocalo, followed by some desserts at Satori’s sister place and then retired for the day.

Photos? Here you go.

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