Madras Dosa Restaurant

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Madras Dosa Restaurant


Little disagreements over some little things and I think we are all put off. Some people get to do what they want, others don’t. Some are forced because they don’t have a choice, others cannot be forced.

Before getting on with the day – forced or not, we went for lunch at this Indian place we chanced upon. Serving Southern Indian food, and thinking how wrong can you go with dosas, we got in.

The food was palatable. A couple of plain dosas, couple masala dosas, an uttapam, a Mysore masala and onion fritters is what we ate. The sambhar was different but good. Masala of the dosa was good, but lacked the curry leaves and urad dal.

Onion fritters arrived last. Service was slow, probably because it was just one person taking the orders and cooking initially, but no complaints.

The chef was nice enough to come and check if anything needed any modifying after serving two dosas.

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IMG_20171220_114548 IMG_20171220_114548
IMG_20171220_114915 IMG_20171220_114919
IMG_20171220_114954 IMG_20171220_115559
IMG_20171220_115620 IMG_20171220_115621
IMG_20171220_120014 IMG_20171220_120020
IMG_20171220_121242 IMG_20171220_121246

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