Madam Geneva

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Madam Geneva


The Madam (read I) and two Sirs (read my friends S and S) arrived at Noho lounge place at 6:45 on a Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I found it virtually empty after Zagat rated it the top bar in NYC.

Anyhoo, my first order, the Tiger’s Milk was a disappointment. With Bombay sapphire ‘east‘, pineapple, coconut milk, birdseye chili, I couldn’t pinpoint what was it that stood out, neither could my tippler guru S 🙂

The server was nice enough to change it for me.

She recommended the Monkey Gland after I said I’d want something with my all time favourite absinthe. This one was good, a tad sweet but the orange juice didn’t seem canned or boxed. Not too strong, but very refreshing.

S joined us and ordered a Syrah, which made him really happy. We shared some interesting talks on personal fronts. These two were the first ones, after my hubster to know that I write a blog. I, being shy, didn’t give the blog name away. But the drinks did loosen me enough to let them know that I do write a blog.

S said that with the dedication and devotion that I have for going out to restaurants, I would do very well at his hedge fund company that he works. Of course, I responded. I said that I would be more than happy to, as long as I get to leave at 5 🙂

S spoke about his IIT times back in India and S briefly about his Pune times. A lot of things they spoke about was news to me. From college to funds to harmless scams to finding the right girls to stock grants to tax benefits to advantages when you are sued, oh what fun.

My second drink was Shoe Sloe Sling with plymouth gin, lots of ginger that cleared my throat and tummy. S ordered a gimlet for his second round.

Before we could finish our second round, S had to leave to get back home to join his wife A who had invited some friends home for dinner, else they would have stayed.

S & I went next door to Saxon + Parole where I had my dinner reservations. The hubster joined after his swim training for the triathlon. I’ll continue the rest of the conversation on Saxon + Parole 🙂

Coming back to Madam Geneva, the look and feel was great, but did not meet my high expectations at all. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Cheers!


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