Lufthansa – Seville to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to New York (JFK)

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This ~2 hour flight from Seville to Frankfurt provided a snack and drinks, including alcohol.  I must’ve traveled some not so nice airlines (read United) way too much to be surprised by this 🙂

The vegetarian sandwich was pretty flavorful, with eggplant, zucchini and cheese.  And it’s difficult to go wrong with a glass of red wine.

The seating was noticeably more spacious than United (yes, that’s my benchmark).  And they handed a puzzle and drawing book to keep the little one entertained.  I was more than pleased.

This craft seemed a new one, and was neat and tidy, except for that gum someone stuck up in the pocket ahead of my seat.

The second leg of the journey was equally pleasant – with a clean craft, washrooms a level below.  Decent pasta for dinner and a stuffed calzone/ bread kind of a thing with chickpeas, potatoes and cauliflower.  Beverages included hard liquor at no extra costs.  Warm wet disposable napkins were offered to clean up hands before the meals.

When I requested the Dewar’s a second time when the attendant was asking for wine refills, she acknowledged but eventually forgot.  I didn’t bother asking her.

When I asked for milk for the little one, they offered to warm the milk for me, which was thoughtful of them.  They also gave a couple of baby food jars to feed the little one, and a little duckie to keep him happy.

The touchscreens seemed new and were a nice refresher from those older ones.

Surprisingly, baby K sat engaged with the TV for a very long time.  We thought the flight would be tough with him being awake for the most part of it, but it wasn’t .  Allowing an 18 month old to watch the screen isn’t the most ideal thing to do, but as long as he kept busy and happy and quiet 🙂

Oh, and he loved the pasta they had to offer too.  And happily ate some and put some pasta face-pack inadvertently, while trying to feed himself.  But again, whatever kept him happy and quiet and a little fed 🙂


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