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When the husband asked if we wanted to grab a quick bite, our agent / contact from Asian Tigers suggested this place after three-ish hours of house hunting for a lunch, since we were right around the corner from here.

They have an antipasto buffet for lunch with most of the entrees. Or you could just get the antipasto buffet, which had basic vegetarian options. A chickpea salad and roasted sweet potatoes. There had to be bread and salad.

We’d ordered the big Brooklyn pizza between us which was enough for three. And this one came with two people’s antipasto buffet. So the Asian Tiger contact and I went for the buffet since the hubster wanted to focus on the pizza.

While the taste was good, it wasn’t the best pizza. The crust was thin but not as airy or light as New York has spoilt us with 🙂

With fried breaded eggplant, garlic and oven roasted peppers over tomato sauce, topped with cheese and thin basil strips, this was good on taste.

The crust crispness came from semolina used while preparing the crust.

IMG_20170922_122658 IMG_20170922_122658
IMG_20170922_122926 IMG_20170922_122914
IMG_20170922_123045 IMG_20170922_123054
IMG_20170922_123102 IMG_20170922_123738
IMG_20170922_123816 IMG_20170922_123832
IMG_20170922_123834 IMG_20170922_123909
IMG_20170922_123905 IMG_20170922_124447

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