Life: Of Smiles and Great Composure

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Life: Of Smiles and Great Composure

Last night, I saw Sunny Leone’s interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, not only because it was trending, but some friends whom I think are smart spoke about it.

I know the name Sunny Leone but hadn’t really read about her specifically. I saw this interview and was extremely impressed by her smiling demeanor and composure.

I might or might not be biased because I’d read people bashing Bhupendra Chaubey and hailing Sunny Leone for the way she handled it, before I saw the interview. But I thought she was outstanding.

Other things aside, that’s how I would like to deal with people who exude negativity. Sometimes, I ignore and avoid them, sometimes, I give them back. But I really would like to conduct myself like that always – SMILING and with composure! Rain or shine!


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