Learning from Mistakes?

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Methinks I just want to learn from my mistake and my experiences, not from others. Even though I know it’s just one lifetime and you have to live it to the fullest. I don’t want to ask most of the people I know what their experiences have been. I am talking about stuff pertaining to travel and Schengen visa, specifically, now.

I booked tickets to Italy, and then realized that I would not get visa appointment until after the trip. I am an Indian citizen living in US. Now, I am all sad and disappointed and am looking for places that turn around your visa fast enough. I have been looking up prices (read airfare), places and then visa dates. Things don’t seem to be aligning for me. The airfare is up or the visa date availability is late or the place is too busy.

I’m learning that even though people love to travel to Europe, the visa Schengen process doesn’t seem as straight forward. The Italian consulate and the Portugal consulate websites that I looked up were in Italian and Portugese in the first place. Why? If you want to promote travel and tourism, why not have the default language to be something more common? Two, I didn’t think the process is as simple or intuitive – going by the consulates that I’ve looked up so far, including the Norwegian (which looks the best in terms of user friendliness, so far.

But again, I’m looking for May end travel and the first dates that I see are for May first/ second week. Which makes it a tad risky, no?

I want to travel and I want to avoid peak season and I need visa and I don’t have enough holidays. And did I say I want to TRAVEL.

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