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Le Village

A press dinner yesterday at the tiny little vegetarian and vegan friendly and gluten-free French bistro.  It might sound like an oxymoron to some, but hey, this is New York City!  It carries the name of the popular chef Didier Pawlicki of La Sirene and Taureau fame.

Though eating vegetarian-friendly French preparations wasn’t a first for me this evening, it was different from the fare that I’ve eaten so far. The french onion soup was a first for me. And though I don’t have any benchmarks for it, the fellow food bloggers were raving about it. It was a nice vegan broth that formed the base of this soup.

My favorite most dish was Royan’s Ravioles a la Crème, which I learnt is fairly popular in France, available in almost all supermarkets, but a rarity here. The bechamel sauce was very light and seasoned subtly with truffle. The petite ravioles were so cute and light and thinly wrapped.

Another dish I enjoyed here was the hearty and brothy vegan version of cassoulet, with generous amounts of mushrooms and potatoes and beans, cooked perfectly – tender, but not mushy and retaining their bite.

I was very happy with the fact that they brought out all the dishes that were supposed to be hot – piping hot.

The brussel sprouts with strawberries – was a different twist on the usual ones. I’ve tried them with sweet potatoes and I’ve tried them with caramelized walnuts, and the one thing that I’ve figured out is that that little touch of sweetness does wonders to the brussel sprouts. It was polished off in no time.

The molten chocolate cake had the right amount of salt touch and was flowing well. The banana brûlée was an interesting take on the creme brûlée. And then you had the lovely apple tart. I quite liked their unique presentation of desserts, in what I would call appetizer plates.

A simple place with sufficient food options for people with restricted diets. Swing by, with your own bottle of wine for a quiet conversational evening with your friends.


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