Le Siam

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IMG_20171215_204542 This was the second dinner on the first day in Phuket. The place wasn’t on my list and was in a very touristy location, but, we (read he) didn’t want to go out further.

The place was fancy-ish for a mall location. The food was decent. We didn’t have a whole lot of options to choose from, but the curry and the noodles, both tasted fresh.

On the flavours, I found the curry a bit less sweet than I was expecting. The noodles too were subtle in taste. The chilies didn’t provide all that kick and that typical taste of pad kee mao I have in my head wasn’t met here, but we enjoyed our meal, nevertheless.

The curry arrived in a nice hammered bowl, and I was expecting a similar presentation for the noodles, but they arrived in a white china plate. First world country gibbers!

IMG_20171215_203731 IMG_20171215_203735
IMG_20171215_203739 IMG_20171215_203817
IMG_20171215_204542 IMG_20171215_204548
IMG_20171215_204553 IMG_20171215_204620

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