Le Bernardin

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Le Bernardin

This was the second evening of our celebration and the evening of our anniversary (July 2012). For those who need to be filled in, please go to Gramercy Tavern.

For my main course, I had an option.  I initially ordered the vegetable plate, but then switched to the pasta. It was good, but not phenomenal. Plus the portion – it was the largest portion of an entree at any $100+ per person place that I’ve been to. That disappointed me, I don’t know why, but it did. Was it frozen? Pre-prepared? Whatever the reasons, I won’t give this to them.

The H was very impressed with their seafood. So much, that he made a note of it and told me that if I ever began eating non-vegetarian food or seafood, I should begin with that – hake fish.

Being in NYC, that’s one thing I have never wanted to try yet, because of the abundance of vegetarian options.

When the H was using their facilities, I quickly requested our server to have a candle and a little note written on our desserts for our anniversary. He asked me to write my message down on paper since for some reason, he wasn’t sure if he got it.

And here it was – in addition to our orders. They do it, always. By they, I mean these swank places. What they also do is ask while they seat you if you’re celebrating anything special. These guys did not. So, I had to tell them myself. For some reason, it’s stuck in my head. Whatever the reasons, I do not give it to them.

Like after Gramercy Tavern, we did another touristy thing that evening – got our pictures taken at Times Square, only with our mobiles, but still, the second time in five years 🙂

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Le Bernardin 16


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