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A great dinner at L’Apicio. The only disappointment was the $25 glass of wine, too dry and too less, served by the bartender.

Spaghetti – second only to Scarpetta so far. Taste, quite different – spicy and very flavorful. I say second because I think it was not as perfectly cooked as the one at Scarpetta. While the Scarpetta one was the usual spaghetti, this one had quite a kick to it.

The lime-lemony creamy agnolotti was melt-in-mouth types. Again, flavorful.

The broccoli rabe was a tad greasy with all the fried croutons.

The almond/pineapple cake dessert was a hit. An absolute try – only glitch was that it could have been cored a little bit more in the center to avoid that difficulty to chew.

The banana tiramisu was a disappointment with peanut butter crunch overpowering it all

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