Lady M – Bryant Park

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Lady M – Bryant Park

I’ve been working at 41st and Park for the past four years, I’ve been walking there from Herald Square means this place could be on my way, every day, based on whether I walk from there or not.

I was tempted to go in a couple of times earlier, but there always seemed to be a wait.  So I decided to wait until next time.  The next time finally came last evening, on my way back from work.

Having a baby has changed my life. It is a lot of fun but I miss those random dinners in the city and just wandering and walking in the city, aimlessly.

So, even though I did stop here to enjoy a piece of dessert, I made sure to not take my own sweet time and order a coffee to sip with this, as much as I would have liked to. Why, you ask? I had to make it to home in time to relieve the nanny in time, for the day.

The Gâteau aux Marron slice I had was a delicate and very light almond flour cake with soft whipped cream. Pretty crosshatch pipings of chestnut-infused cream covered the gâteau, topped with roasted walnuts and sugar. It was not very sweet, great for people who prefer it that way.

At $8.5 + mandatory $1.44 tip + taxes, this was one of the pricier pieces of dessert I’ve eaten, and I honestly thought that adding the tip was over the tops. Not that you wouldn’t add it, but who includes it by default, for a single person?

I’ve notice, sub-consciously, I’m less appreciative of the food if the staff isn’t as polite.  They can see that I’m trying to get their attention but they’d pretend to not have seen me turn around so obviously.  Funnily, you can tell that they’re talking to their co-worker about you and that you want to get their attention; they still don’t give you their attention.

But they do give you the mandatory tip included in your check!

In their defence, the gentleman who came to pick up the check and the credit card was the first and only staff member who I saw smiled and politely asked me if I wanted any water.   Did my server bother with it?  No prizes for guessing the answer.


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