Labor Day Weekend & Mount Washington

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Labor Day Weekend & Mount Washington

Labor Day weekend. Over a span of four days, we touched five states, drove about 1,100 miles ate good food, drank nice cocktails, had a lot of fun and a lazy Monday to gear up for the week.

We started Friday afternoon, ended up spending a lot of time driving.

The hubster had booked in Tilton – my suggestion, but a motel – not my suggestion. Having encountered traffic that day, we ended up spending a lot of time in the car, on the road. But found a couple of good things in Worecester – a nice park for baby K to play and a great restaurant.

Here’s the park.

After sometime at the park, we were headed to this vegetarian and supposedly Indian restaurant that had good reviews on Yelp. When we got there, we realized it was really a takeout place and I wasn’t too keen on eating there. The hubs decided to get a plate anyway, and for relatively cheap, he got a big container with everything they had on the menu that day – beans, lentils, mushrooms, collard greens over rice. While only one item had turmeric and all, that was all the ‘Indianness’ I could find in the meal. It was hearty and I guess healthy. If they made it with honest ingredients.

The MIL and hubster shared the plate and then we went to this Thai place where we got a lychee martini, a cucumber margarita, steamed dumplings and pad kee mao. The details of the restaurant are on my restaurant blog.
Then we headed to the Super 8 motel. I, being the nice and patient and happy and optimist I, was good to the husband in that he heard the end of my complaints for the motel booked that evening.

The plan of this trip was for it to be a leisurely one, like the hubster wanted. I am all for covering as much as you can, but I let the hubster have his way.

We started the next day around 10:45 or so, headed to Gypsy cafe for lunch, and then did the Flume Gorge.  I must say that the photos looked more promising than the actual deal, and at $16 per person, I thought it was a waste.  It was almost 2:30 by the time we got to the Flume Gorge and entrance. We took the bus to the base of the gorge, which was hardly any distance, hiked up and then walked back to the car. The stroller was left in the car.

The climb isn’t difficult but it could get tough for the elders, depending on how active they are. It’s all wooden stairs, so easily doable. You could come down the same route or hike some more. We did some more.

IMG_6981 IMG_6988 IMG_6991 IMG_6992

By the time we wrapped up, it was 4:30ish. And I tried to book hotels for that night but hardly had any coverage there. We drove up north and stopped around Littleton where we got good coverage. But the hotels around were gone by then.  We ended up booking in Concord as the Holiday Inn had availability there.  Littleton was this cute little town.

IMG_7013 IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7017 IMG_7018

IMG_7021 IMG_7023

IMG_7027 IMG_7028 IMG_7030 IMG_7031 IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7035 IMG_7036 IMG_7038

After a good but hurried dinner at Chang Thai, we drove back to Concord, close to three hours.

The Holiday Inn looked such a respite from yesterday’s Super 8.

The next day started leisurely too. We took a different route to go back up north. Stopped on the way at this pretty lake called Chocorua for a quick few photos and continued on our journey.

IMG_7065 IMG_7066 IMG_7069 IMG_7070 IMG_7074

The drive around the big lake was pretty with us hitting a few resort(ish) towns on the way. We stopped at North Conway for lunch. That was the plan. The husband found this Flatbread Company and it was good. Great with a baby and an outdoor setup and good weather.

IMG_7077 IMG_7078

By the time we wrapped up from here, it was 2:00. So we decided to save Diana’s Baths for later and headed to Mount Washington. It was fairly packed there and we must’ve waited over thirty minutes just to get in.

The ride up was beautiful, but scary, for me. More than halfway up, I let hubs take the wheel.  We spent quality time up there. My only disappointment was the summit photo there. From the looks of the photos I’d seen, it looked a bit of a hike and big, but it wasn’t as big. And this might well be the only kind of second line for photos I’ve seen in US, after the bull in New York.
IMG_7116 IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7122

Some photos later, we decided to descend. The hubs didn’t seem as enthusiastic about taking photos with the not so clear sky and some clouds.  The drive back to Ellington was close to five hours. Which we managed to cover in a timely way. Dinner was had with the friends around 11 at night.
IMG_7123 IMG_7124

I spent a lazy next day, the others went apple picking late in the day. We wrapped up with some ice cream at Dzen followed by dinner at friends’ place and then headed on to our way back home.


It was a good weekend.

P.S. All the restaurant details will be on my restaurant blog.

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