La Taberna

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The second lunch stop and the third meal stop for the day. Just steps away from our first lunch stop that day, this place was busier than the first. And it looked more inviting too.

So allowing baby K to be a baby, run and play, we preferred to just eat out at a table. One parent ate. The other ran after baby K. Repeat with the other parent.
A quick lunch and we were set to resume the day. The lunch/ tapas that I tried was the spinach chickpeas which didn’t hold a candle to the previous night’s dish I had. I was hungry, so I ate it, still. But it was bad. Ugh! Yes, I was still hungry after the first lunch which was pretty much green vegetables.

I was surprised at not having been able to found vegetarian potato based Spanish dishes. New York’s Spanish restaurants suggested I’d find patatas anywhere here in Spain!

Here are the photos, and you’d be surprised how fast parent one (who took first dibs at eating) finished off her wine. Oops! Did I give myself away 😉



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