La Caravella

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La Caravella

Second dinner in Italy alone!

The server popped open a bottle of Moscato. Quite charming, this server.
Brown bread with fennel. Soft inside, crusty outside, but less crusty than Da Gemma. The best breadsticks I’ve eaten. No effort to eat it at all. Crisp and buttery and very light and airy in texture.


Appetizer on the house – fried pizza fought with tomato, Parmesan and mozzarella. Served at room temperature, it was still soft and not chewy.
Very nice tomato sauce.

The breadsticks! Too good!

Pumpkin purée with buffalo cheese! Great. The choice green – added that perfect kick. Superb amalgamation of sweetness of the pumpkin and the velvety salty creaminess of the cheese.

The server then topped the wine without asking. Would that bother you, if you asked for just a glass? They did end up charging me for the glass, or so I thought – I remember seeing EUR 8 for the wine but they didn’t mention anything else. And this was the most expensive glass I had in Italy. Cheap by NYC standards, but I thought it was a bit much here.
Anyway, noticed him passing that around to their other clients with dessert. Charming, I said.

Ravioli stuffed with mozzarella. Fried smoked eggplant dumplings – perfection! Not that I’ve tasted one before, but that smoky flavor was just it! Even a non-foodie could probably tell it. I mean the smoky flavor, not the eggplant.
Smokiness was in the ravioli too, but the wrapper – I’ve had softer and thinner ones before.
Lemon sorbet with lemon marmalade. On the house.

So why I’m dining alone – read about it on my travel blog.

Judging the restaurant from outside, I almost didn’t come in. But then, I was so glad I did.

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