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A lot of my friends are entrepreneur-ing. Meanwhile, I’m still where I was, five years ago in terms of thinking of what to do – erm – what to eat. Every single day. That’s the one thought that gets me excited. All day, every day. [Facepalm].

The whole reason of taking the break from work was to explore more, read more, write more. I’m exploring (a different kind of exploration), but reading and writing, nuh-uh!

But I did promise my friend to write about her venture – Tee & Tot.

Neighbours back in New Jersey, bonding over inconsiderate, un-empathetic managers, we both decided we’d had enough and ended up putting our feet down and resigning.

She went on to founding her company. And me!? I’m still getting excited about what to eat next, where to travel next. [More facepalm]

Browse Tee & Tot to get some fun wears for your kids, if you’re bored of the usual fare in stores. Or even if you’d just like to celebrate your little ones and their loved things.

I really like the existing colours and prints, but you could even get things customized to your precious child’s nuances!

Good luck Manali!


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