Khaophums Fine Thai Restaurant

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Khaophums Fine Thai Restaurant

On this July 4th long weekend, on our trip from Jersey City to Portsmouth, this was our first meal stop, not counting the ice cream we had at a McDonald’s in a service area enroute.

The food was OK. The service was OK.  We ordered the crazy rice noodles, which I thought we be like drunken man – as wide, but they weren’t.  The taste was on those lines but the noodles were less wide.

And fried tofu – I don’t like.  These people didn’t give me an option for steamed or pan fried.  Fried tofu is a miss at most places.

The mango curry was a yellow curry with pieces of mango, tomatoes (this was a first), peppers and zucchini. We’d ordered it with tofu. The curry itself was flavorful but nothing that you’d remember forever.

The vegetable fried rice was a deep shade of brown. Probably because of the soy. On the taste, I wasn’t impressed. Though not bad, I’ve eaten better.

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