Kailash Parbat

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Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong

We went to Kailash Parbat HK (of the Kailash Parbat Group) for dinner on their opening day. Husband!

Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong Pav Bhaji

We arrived at a few minutes before 19:00, and by 20:00, the place was all packed with families waiting.

I LOVED their decor. Very colorfully spiffy. And the mix of colours seemed all in harmony. I haven’t been to a lot of Indian restaurants in India that have the relatively contemporary scheme of looks, neither here in Hong Kong, actually. Hence this one looked and seemed all the more nice and sprightly to me.
Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong
Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong

For food, we skipped the mainstream chaat, went for the paav bhaji, vada pav, matar kachori. And a basic fried rice for the child.

Pav Bhaji
Other than being a tad bit salty for me, the taste was quite on point. The husband didn’t find the salt excess. But the consistency was too watery for the bhaji. We have our dal thicker than that at times!

The paraphernalia it came served in was good, but where’s the candle to keep the bhaji warm. And speaking of warm, the bhaji didn’t arrive piping hot. It bothers me much if the hot foods don’t arrive ‘hot’. The pav was very soft and tender, buttered well but it could’ve done with more toasting, but tasted just as well without being toasted much.


Matar Kachori
This was a chaat version of matar kachori. The peas filling was chunky and flavourful, spicy. So was the chole masala, topped with tamarind chutney and yogurt. We’d have preferred a thin wrapper of the kachori, but it wasn’t undercooked, so not too bad there.
Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong Kachori

Vada Pav
Small-ish vadas. Though I did see the size go up on some other tables, but still not the vada pav size we’re used to seeing 🙂
They did a great job with the fried green chilies, smothering it with the garlic coconut chutney. And while the garli coconut chutney was superb on taste, some part of the coconut was a bit off (spoilt / rotten) and it was extra tangy for me. The hubster, again, didn’t taste it in his piece. And he’s the more discerning one of the two of us, so again, I’ll give it to them.
Kailash Parbat Indian Restaurant TST Hong Kong Vada Pav

Fried Rice
Recently having read some soy sauces have some traces of wheat and with the child’s homeopathic doctor having asked us to watch his diet, we asked for the fried rice without soy sauce. It was the server’s recommendation, when we asked if they could do plain steamed rice for us for the child. Distinguishable rice grains, cooked to perfection. Reminded you much of that Indian-Chinese fried rice.

Friendly and warm service. Well done, I’d say!


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