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Second time disappointment happened this Tuesday, October 15.  The disappointment from the evening spilled over to the food, but my other friends agreed that the food wasn’t the best.

A friend’s birthday, and we wanted us all to go out. It’s a weekday. The next day is a weekday.  But hey! You’re living life. What’s with weekdays and weekends.

After the birthday boy’s fam arrived, we had a little bit of conversations with the host to order as we wanted, instead of going for a pre-fixe, as he was suggesting / saying was our only option for a group our size.

Over to food now. Eventually, they let us order a-la-carte.

The lasuni gobi and the paneer pakoras were the only two saving graces for the entire evening.  OK, the salted lassi too.  The lasuni gobi was nice and crisp and superb flavours of everything from the salt to the sauces to the garlic.  The paneer pakoras usually turn out bland, and the batter layer was thick, but it was fried well, not greasy and tasted good.  The salted lassi was a tad too salty for me but it almost was like the ginger powder was probably toasted to perfection and then added to this.

The paneer entree with tamarind sauce was alright, the lotus root koftas were better but the sookhi sabzi killed it.  It was supposed to be tava (flat griddle) tossed, but with the presentation and the crispiness (or the lack of it), it was more like a kadhai tossed entree.  Not to mention I think I do a better job with it.  And not to mention also that I almost fought with the hubster to have it ordered for the table.  Same for the dal tadka.  The taste wasn’t bad, but you couldn’t see the tadka on the top, and my mother almost commented that she didn’t want to try plain dal.

The chocolate ganache cake with the sorbet saved some day for the restaurant.

They’ll have to do some to redeem themselves in my eyes.  

The mom was happy that we all made it to the celebrations and that’s when I was thinking, never mind the complaining, at least it brought happiness to some one 🙂

The place looks quite appealing and inviting and the service was very polite and friendly.


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