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The first Jojo I visited was French. In New York. Cross oceans, mountains, continents. This one is Indian. In Hong Kong.
IMG_20180304_130926_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131904_Bokeh

I was here yesterday for a brunch. And this was nicest decor for an Indian restaurant that I’ve been to, in Hong Kong, till date. The decor was all checks. And then their clean designed hammered copper serve-ware made me happy.

I was particularly craving chaat. They had plenty of it, just that they did it so differently that left me quite surprised.

For example, this was dahi puri. So incomplete, it looked and tasted. Green chutney? Sev? Hara dhania?
IMG_20180304_133209_Bokeh IMG_20180304_133204_Bokeh

And this was sev puri, which was primarily potatoes. Sparse onions. Tomatoes? Hara dhania?

This was the sev puri I made myself because there wasn’t anyone at that counter when I wanted it. Doesn’t it look better? No sev, again, because there wasn’t any on the counter 🙂
IMG_20180304_130541_Bokeh IMG_20180304_130522_Bokeh

And it tasted better too because their chutneys were good. But no green chillies to make it spicy. I mean they had green chillies, but those big fat ones (no, I’m not talking jalapeños) that aren’t spicy.

The vegetarian options for the buffet that I opted for included a saag, malai kofta, dal tadka, a little patty (paneer, potatoes), biryani.

IMG_20180304_131648 IMG_20180304_131653_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_131656_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131701_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_131704_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131735_Bokeh

Taste-wise, nothing stood out. And the fact that it was cold (not refrigerator cold but colder than room temperature) was very, very disappointing. Though when the manager came to check in, I told him that and he offered to warm anything I wanted, I politely refused because I wasn’t keen by then. In their defense, he cut a little discount on the final cheque, owing to this.

They got me a little uttapam as well. The tomato chutney was good, the coconut one – ok.
IMG_20180304_131820_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131827_Bokeh

The garlic naan was good, soft, thin and garlicky enough.

I went back to the chaat.

The husband got a garlic naan as well and he didn’t like it as much, strangely. He said that his didn’t have enough garlic. And his paneer tikka masala was more like paneer butter masala, much sweeter. Korma sweet. He wasn’t happy.
IMG_20180304_131432_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131947_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_131956_Bokeh IMG_20180304_132001_Bokeh

I didn’t taste the mango lassi for the toddler, but it looked good. 

Overall, the food didn’t impress much, but I was happy with the service. That’s always key to me.

IMG_20180304_131005_Bokeh IMG_20180304_131016_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_135042_Bokeh IMG_20180304_141035_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_132942_Bokeh IMG_20180304_132946_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_141044_Bokeh IMG_20180304_141049_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_141244_Bokeh IMG_20180304_141259_Bokeh
IMG_20180304_141303_Bokeh IMG_20180304_141311_Bokeh

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