Jira Boutique

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Jira Luxury Boutique Residence was the last of our hotels for the December trip to Thailand.

In Chiang Mai, it wasn’t far from the old town / city center.

Not bad for a hotel that you’d just want to crash in. The bathrooms were a little un-sorted. Meaning there was little distinction between the wet and dry areas. And the water wasn’t exactly going down the drain at the speed at which it was coming out from the shower, meaning there was a little bit of a backlog there.

And they didn’t have irons! That was a first for me.

The lobby looked nicer than the rooms.

Breakfast wasn’t that great for vegetarians. Margarine, not even butter. Breads, buns, fresh fruits. Milk. Tea. Instant coffee. Plain white rice or some version of it, varied each day. Eggs. And plenty of meat.

I helped myself to papaya everyday, and a cup of black coffee. The kids and the hubster enjoyed breads and eggs.

And the internet was non-existent in the rooms. Better in the lobby. The slowest of the three places we stayed at, in Thailand.

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IMG_20171221_214356 IMG_20171221_214631
IMG_20171221_214633 IMG_20171221_214642
IMG_20171221_214642 IMG_20171221_214649
IMG_20171221_214702 IMG_20171221_214710
IMG_20171221_215425 IMG_20171221_215429
IMG_20171221_215444 IMG_20171221_215512

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