Jenna’s Bistro & Wine

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Jenna’s Bistro & Wine


While the husband and his sister and his cousin and the child went on to a boat / snorkeling tour, I lazed at the hotel room in the afternoon, and then went to Jenna’s Bistro & Wine for my supper.

The supper was super light, if you don’t count the chilli lemongrass gin. I asked for a side of roasted pumpkin topped with pesto sauce. They got some warm bread and butter. And that was supper.

The vegetarian menu was mostly Italian which I wasn’t keen on. The two Thai salad options on there were spring rolls and pomelo salad, neither of which caught my interest. So I stayed healthy.

Live music, enjoying the peace and quiet, it was a nice dinner.

IMG_20171220_181647 IMG_20171220_181658
IMG_20171220_181701 IMG_20171220_181703
IMG_20171220_182117 IMG_20171220_182304
IMG_20171220_182311 IMG_20171220_182319
IMG_20171220_182328 IMG_20171220_182333
IMG_20171220_182337 IMG_20171220_182557
IMG_20171220_183220 IMG_20171220_183810
IMG_20171220_183816 IMG_20171220_183823
IMG_20171220_183826 IMG_20171220_184830
IMG_20171220_184836 IMG_20171220_184854

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