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Wandering around SOHO on one of the rare days in our history of being in Hong Kong, I walked and entered Jalan, a new, modern Malaysian restaurant.

The flat rice noodles JALAN style, with marinated tofu, mushrooms and green onions even though said and read “fire” was far from it. Absolute lacklustre of flavours. Their spicy sambals, I checked might not have been vegetarian, I was told.

The chilli oil drizzle didn’t do the trick, either.

My cocktail was topped with a wee bit of wine and was alright. I might come here to try their other vegetarian options, but this visit left me disappointed.

An observation that I made was that it was the only restaurant I visited that week, out of five or more, where none of the staff wore masks, amidst the coronavirus hullaballoo.

Flat Rice Noodles Jalan HK
Cocktails Jalan HK

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