J. Boroski

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J. Boroski

Much reminiscent of Raines Law Room, I went to J. Boroski this Sunday night.

J. Boroski is a Dining Concepts speakeasy, helmed by Joseph Boroski, designed by Ashley Sutton.

After the child’s yoga in the morning, some playtime in the park, lunch, some shopping for the child, coming back home, cooking dinner for the hubster and the child, feeding, bathing and putting the child to sleep, I preened myself up, put my high heels on (which I rarely do) and walked to here.

Hidden (not just figuratively) speakeasy, if you’re head down to Iron Fairies which is far easier to find, and turn into that alley right there. A few steps ahead, you’ll see a door, with a graffiti-ed entrance. Get in, open the door and you’ll be here.

The fact that it happened to be a Mother’s Day was a sheer coincidence. After waiting for what seemed like a minute, someone came to finally attend to me, and I perched myself up at the bar.

There were quite a few empty seats at the bar at around 8:50 when I arrived, and I chose the one where the bar counter wasn’t wiped clean after and it was wet.

The bartender was prepping drinks and after a little wait, when I asked him if they had a menu, he responded that they did bespoke cocktails, based on our preferences. Great. While I waited, I asked him if he could hand me a napkin to wipe that condensation mess off the bar counter, he cleaned it up.

So I had a cleaner space now. I asked for absinthe and asked him to surprise me with the preparation. I was surprised that he agreed, because the few places that I’ve gotten absinthe, the bartenders have put their noses up high and always recommended to have it the old fashioned way, dripped over sugar.

I should’ve been more clear in terms of my ask, I’ll explain later.

When he got that glass out to pour the cocktail – that was the second flag for me that evening. OK, flag might sound a bit harsh, but that glass looked far from clean, with streaks or marks all over! And no, it wasn’t that it was cold or anything. It was just a dry, unclean (or so it looked) glass.

But, I’d come here to have a good time, one drink and head home. And I wasn’t going to let a messy counter and an unclean glass take that away from me.

He’d used butterfly pea flowers that added to that purple-ish hue.

One sip and I could tell the fennel seeds flavour, but I didn’t like the texture. Nothing like I’ve had. I’d parked my brains at home.

As I chatted with him a bit, he mentioned that very few people that come there prefer anise-based drinks. I’m one of the very few in our group of friends.

I continued to sip, not digging texture of the drink and thinking it’s unlike any that I’ve ever had till date. Maybe it’s because I’d brushed my teeth and not eaten anything after – you know that feeling, don’t you – a sour drink over brushed teeth?

But I continued to sip, browse online, take pictures of their big clear ice slab and them sawing it to use it for their drinks.

Then, this gentleman comes, asks if he can speak to me while he waits for his friends. Sure. I finish clicking pictures of that big ice slab and we go on to chatting about work, life, the hubster and the child, arranged marriages, Unilever, WPP, Bombay, Bangalore, Singapore and Hong Kong. And New York, of course. I have to cry to every single person that I miss New York!

He seemed pretty surprised that I was there by myself, saying he’d assumed I was waiting for a friend or a date. The second person that evening. The first person was my friendly bartender 🙂

I’ve dined plenty before, but this was the first bar, lounge or speakeasy per se, that I was out, on my own.

This gentleman’s friends got back from their shopping in Causeway Bay, and he joined them, after bidding me a bye. I got back to my drink, still sipping and not knowing what to make out of that texture that I wasn’t liking, still.

The bartender then spoke to the other of egg whites. And then it stuck. That white foam! How could I have not been clear or mentioned him to stay off it? No wonder it was a texture unlike any that I’ve had because I hadn’t. It didn’t smell gross at all. I usually find the smell of cooked eggs a bit to handle, but this egg white foam did!

I asked for the cheque and decided to head back home to my brains – remember, I’d parked them back!

The lady who could’ve been the hostess or maybe the floor manager asked my bartender twice to get my check or put it in the system. The second time, he muttered to himself before bringing that to me and wishing me a happy mothers day! I could see why he was upset when I wasn’t rushing but the floor manager or the hostess was when he was occupied making drinks.

It was a good evening at J. Boroski. Sans the egg white foam :/


Absinthe Cocktail J Boroski
Absinthe Cocktail J Boroski
J Boroski Dining Concepts
J Boroski Dining Concepts

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